Because more people now live where traditional vegetable gardening is not possible, container and patio gardens have become more popular. Their ornamental value is an added benefit and their fruit quality has recently been improved as well.

 Acquire your Grow Bag from the Jamaica Bauxite Institute Nursery planted with assorted vegetables and fruits or with one variety of vegetable or fruit . Pre order your customized grow bag.
Escellion in a Grow Bag
Creating your own Grow Bag Garden
  1. Make a small slit about one (1) inch at one end at the top.
  2. Completely hydrate the bag to full volume.
  3. Purchase seedlings from JBI.
  4. Determine the spacing based on size of fruit or vegetable you want to harvest, level of fertility you will be able to maintain and type (variety) of vegetables or fruits you intend to grow.
  5. Water every day or as required.
  6. Fertilize with 20-20-20 (complete fertilizer), one (1) tablespoon per gallon of water twice per week or as required. Fertilize with Calcium Nitrate (1 tsp per gallon of water) and Magnesium Sulphate (1 tsp per gallon of water) at weeks two and four.