International Workshop on Rehabilitation of Mined Out lands Proceedings

Proceedings on the International Workshop on the Rehabilitation/ Rehabilitation of Mined Bauxite Lands

Over 295 pages inclusive of 28 technical papers and presentations made at the workshop. Titles include:

  • Bauxite Mine Rehabilitation at Alcoa in Brazil
  • Red Mud Disposal at the Ewarton Alumina Plant
  • Experimental Restoration of A Red Mud Stacking Site
JBI Quarterly

This report is structured to provide relevant data on the Jamaican bauxite and alumina sector on a quarterly basis. To allow for comparison and ease of analysis, figures are also given where available for the previous quarter as well as the corresponding quarter the year before.





Jamaica in the World Aluminium Industry Volumes I-III by Carlton E. Davis

Volume I 1938 - 1973

This is a significant historical document, chronicling the emergence and growth of Jamaica as a major bauxite producer and including the developmental story of the companies which came to dominate the aluminium industry.


The Bauxite Levy negotiations between the Government of Jamaica and six transnationals in 1974 were arguably the most controversial events in the country's modern political history.


This volume focuses on the post-bauxite levy period when the Government of Jamaica in an effort to move beyond the role of tax collection and to benefit from the profits generated by the sector participated in joint venture arrangements with the companies...

JBI Journal

The JBI Journal contains original socio-economic, legal and technical articles highlighting development issues as they affect the Third World, with special reference to aluminium but not excluding other mineral industries. The Journal reflects substantial JBI input. However, external contributions are invited.

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