BCDP - Phase V

BCDP Phase V

The current phase of the BCDP Phase V commenced in  March 2006, and since then approximately  $101.2 million has been spent on 83 projects mainly in the area of agriculture, skills training, the upgrading of schools and community centres and road repairs as follows: 

Phase V Project Expenditure
(J $ Million)
INFRASTRUCTURE (Road Repairs)  34.5
INFRASTRUCTURE (Schools & Community facilities) 26.7
TOTAL 101.2
Agriculture and Agro-processing
  • Water Valley Greenhouse Technology Incubator Project in St.Ann jointly funded by the JBI, NORANDA, USAID and US JA Farms Ltd.
  • The Mustard Seed Greenhouse Project at Haddon, St. Ann
  • Broiler Chicken Project at the Brown’s Town Community College
  • The Essex Valley Crop Production Project Phase II (St. Elizabeth), which involves 252 farmers from 12 communities and aims to produce 74.20 hectares of crops at a cost of $4.33 million;
  • The Essex Valley Special Production (Stimulus) Project , a joint project with Alpart, the South Manchester
  • Crop Production Project
  • Cassava Production Projects at Riverhead, Faith’s Pen and Clapham in St.Ann and Sandy Bay /Bodles in St.Catherine involving 60 farmers;
  • Bee Keeper Training and Production Projects in Ewarton, St.Catherine and Riverhead/Moneague in St.Ann involving 20 farmers;
  • Contribution to the construction of the Huntly Farmers Food Processing Plant in Manchester which is being implemented under the Ministry of Agriculture’s ASSP programme;
The BCDP is committed to supporting the Ministry of Agriculture’s current thrust to encourage greenhouse production and is currently working with the Ministry toward the establishment of several greenhouses in St. Ann and Manchester.
 Skills Training and Capacity Building
During phase V the BCDP actively set out to provide access to training for a number of youths in bauxite/alumina communities. The BCDP recognises the need to raise the educational and skill levels in these communities and has provided skills training and adult literacy opportunities aimed at making the youths in these communities more competent and better equipped for the workforce. Under the skills training programmes, all of the graduates received the HEART NTC/VET Level 1 Certification. Over the last year the BCDP has provided funding for tuition for approximately 255 students, as follows:
  • 145 students in residency at the 4-H Clubs Training Centre at Denbigh. These students completed training in tractor and back hoe operations and maintenance and in home economics.
  • students at the Catholic School of Technology in Manchester in the areas of food and beverage services and in motor vehicle engine service
  • 37 out of a targeted 60 adults completed training under the BCDP/Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) Adult Literacy Project in ST. Ann and St. Elizabeth during the current year.
During Phase V, the BCDP also funded the purchase of equipment for the Mitchell Town Housekeeping and Needle Craft Training Programme. The housekeeping training aspect of this programme commenced with 20 students. In addition, training at the Nain Cottage Industry and Training Centre (St. Elizabeth) jointly funded by the BCDP and Alpart continues on a revolving basis. 

Repairs and Expansion of Educational Facilities

The BCDP continued to support the development and maintenance of educational and community facilities and amenities as a significant investment in the future of young people living in bauxite communities. Several schools and community centres have received funding under the programme over Phase V. 

Road Repairs and Electricity and Water Extension
Funds were also provided to repair of a number of road sections. Repairs work was completed on sections of the following roads:
  • Day Day Road, Mount Valley, Gravel Hill, Banana Ground and Mount Providence roads in Clarendon.
  • Epworth Road, Cottage Road, Content Road and the Blue Hole to Goshen roads in St.Ann. 
  • Land Settlement, Top Hill and Hark Hall Roads in Manchester 
  • McLeod Close and the Orangefield/Poly Ground roads in St. Catherine.
  • Sections of Gazeland/ Brinkley, Cheapside/Portsea, Nain/ Brambleton Hall, Melsham, New Buildings, Content/Four roads ,Content/Prospect roads in St. Elizabeth.
The BCDP also funded a major water supply project in St. Elizabeth and electricity extension programme in Brokenhurst, Manchester by the Rural Electrification Programme Ltd..
A major water project which is currently being funded by the BCDP is the NWC’s Essex Valley Water Supply Project in St. Elizabeth. An 11 kilometre (300mm) transmission main (pipeline) from the Long Hill well to a booster station at Nain is expected to be constructed. The project plans to provide over 1 million gallons of water per day to over 13,050 persons in areas including Nain, Myersville, Warminster, New Buildings, Precious Plain, Northampton, Balbec, Content, Lucky Valley, Bromington Hall, Stephen’s Run, Brinkley, Gazeland and Lititz.