Education and Training

The BCDP supports adult literacy, occupational and tertiary training programmes aimed at raising the educational levels of individuals in bauxite communities, making them more competent and skilled as well as making them more employable and better prepared for the workforce. Significant contributions by the BCDP include:






Joint Bauxite Community Councils

4-H Clubs Skills Training Centre at Denbigh, Clarendon 

BCDP/ 4-H Clubs Skills Training Project  - to provide training and certification at the NTC/VET Level 2 for 50 trainees from bauxite mining communities in the 6 month residency programme in Tractor Operations & Maintenance (25) and Food Preparation (25)

$5.13 million

MP Mike Henry

Hazard Community Training & Development Institute at Paisley, Clarendon

BCDP/ Hazard Skills Training Programme -  offering Heart NCT/VET certification for 50 trainees enrolled in the areas of Housekeeping & Commercial Food Preparation (30), Cosmetology ( 9), Electrical (1), Welding ( 7)

$1.0 million

Joint Bauxite Community Councils

Bethany & Discovery Bay in St, Ann and in Freetown Clarendon  

BCDP/Jamaica Foundation for Life long Learning Phase 2 Adult Literacy Programme comprising :-350 contact hours of Foundation level literacy, numeracy and life skills training for 10 adult learners  at Bethany, St. Ann, 24 trainees in Freetown Clarendon and,-518  contact hours for 8 adult learners at Discovery Bay at the Secondary level in the areas of Mathematics and Language and Communications


$2.47 million

Kirkvine Joint Community Council

Mandeville Craft  Training centre,


BCDP Contribution towards upgrading of the Mandeville Craft  Training  Centre through the  purchase of equipment necessary for maintaining HEART accreditation

$1.0 million

MP Michael  Philips

Northern Caribbean University (NCU)

Contribution to the Member of Parliament’s for N.W. Manchester’s Scholarship programme to assist with the tuition cost for 5 outstanding students who were awarded partial scholarships to the University through the National Youth Service programme


MP Lisa Hanna

South East St. Ann

Contribution to the Member of Parliament’s South East St. Ann Educational Achievement Programme – BCDP funds contributing to the tutoring for CSEC classes in Mathematics, Social Studies and English held at the St. Michaels Anglican Church Hall, Claremont

$1.65 million

Social Development Commission

Gibraltar South West St. Ann

BCDP Contribution to the Gibraltar DA ‘Read for a Brighter Future’ Competition –  through the contribution of trophies for the initiative aimed at improving literacy and promoting a culture of reading in communities of rural South West St. Ann


Mocho Joint Bauxite Community  Council

Thompson Town , Mocho Clarendon

BCDP/Thompson Town High School Home Economics Laboratory Refurbishing Project - through the purchase of major items of furniture, appliances and utensils

$1.5 million