BCDP Community Councils


 As of December 2005, there are 15 Councils which have been incorporated in the bauxite/alumina parishes of Manchester, St. Catherine, St. Elizabeth, St. Ann and Clarendon.   Each council is associated with a particular area of mining operations:


1.     Mocho Joint Community Council                 

2.     Mitchell Town Community Council              

3.     Jamalco Refinery Community Council                      

4.     South Manchester Community Council             

5.     Mt. Oliphant/Victoria Town Councill

6.     Jamalco Railway Community Council

7.     Nain Joint Bauxite Council               

8.     Manchester Plateau Community Council      

9.     Harmons Valley Community Council

10.   Kirkvine Joint Community Council               

11.   Port Esquivel Joint Community Council                    

12.   Ewarton Joint Community Council               

13.   Schwallenburgh Joint Community Council    

14.   Noranda Water Valley Council      

15.   Noranda Discovery Bay Community Council