JBI Bulletin - March 2019 Statistics

In March, total bauxite production declined by 13% on a year-over-year basis to reach 747kt. This outturn was the result of a fallout in crude volumes generated for the Asian market, as well as, production disruptions at two of the island’s refineries.

Crude bauxite output declined by 40% from 298kt a year earlier to 179kt in March 2019. The decline has caused the year-to-date production to lag 7% behind levels recorded in the same month last year. There is some concern as to whether this most recent development will continue over the next few months, which could render annual production below expectation.

Alumina production, on the other hand, increased by 7% to 219kt when compared with last year. The reopening of Alpart continues to have a positive impact on volume numbers, with year-to-date production running ahead of last year by 13%. This positive outturn comes despite disruptions at two of the island’s refineries, brought on by boiler issues and a power outage.

During the month, the alumina refineries operated at an average capacity utilization of 69%, up by 4% when compared with the same period last year. Read more