JBI Bulletin - February 2019 Statistics

In February, total bauxite production increased by 1% on a year-over-year basis to reach 861 kt. This moderate outturn was attributed to production disruptions relating to boiler issues at two of the island’s refineries.

Crude bauxite output amounted to 313 kt in February, equating to a 16% increase from the corresponding period last year. On a year-to-date basis, output was up by 11% to 608 kt. While expectations remain heightened for output to surge above 4 Mt in 2019, the y-t-d performance was below expectation.

Alumina production was roughly 186kt in February, representing a 5% reduction when compared with last year. Lower output from Windalco and below-expectation output from Alpart were the contributing factors for the decline. Year-to-date, alumina production was up by 16% to 422 kt, with Alpart being the main contributor for the improvement.

During the month, the alumina refineries operated at an average capacity utilization of 65%, lower than the 68% recorded in the same period last year. Read more